Our software platform and custom development allow us to create comprehensive solutions that ensure positive growth.

Want intelligent, scalable technology? Thoughtful user experiences? And unrivaled support? You’ve found the right ERP Solution for your business.

Smart User Experiences

We offer the right technology to connect your business and delight your customers. Delivering the best solution is our top priority. With our solution, all your data is connected and at your fingertips. And we offer the best relevant features and flexible processes.

Flexible & Scalable Platform

Our software package are built for the cloud and designed for the ways how you run your business. It acts as a centralized medium for all your business processing. Your information is available anytime, anywhere. Everything leads to grow your business.

Growth Friendly Licensing

With eStech Financial Suite flexible licensing plans, you don’t pay by the user instead you only pay for the best services. This means that your business can scale and obtain maximum growth. The pricing offered by us is affordable and growth friendly.

Responsive, Reliable Support

No matter what solution you’re using, issues and challenges will come up. When they do, our team will always take your call, we take your pain as our, and we will stay with you until the problem is fixed. We strongly believe on customer satisfaction because at eStech, we not only care about your success but also your customers.

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At eStech we strive to provide quality services to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Since inception, we have been working for our clients with a sheer dedication like a true business partner to achieve ultimate success. We insure the quality of requirements, agility in product development, effective utilization of every bit of knowledge & detail, infrastructure performance & security with customer's satisfaction. We strive to meet the best standards of quality.

eString Technologies possesses solid experience in development and maintenance of small & large scale mission critical projects. We offer following expert services:

  • .NET Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Mobile App Development

Quick Solution Overview

eStech Financials is a comprehensive, secure and compatible ERP solution. It is a web based solution that has following modules; production,supply chain (inventory, sale, purchase and party), human resource & payroll, financae & accounting and fixed assets management to server your business needs.

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